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Meet theProfessionals

All of our clinical professionals in the speech-language and audiology clinics are either certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) or are supervised by certified clinicians. ASHA awards the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) to audiologists and speech-language pathologists who meet strict requirements and the highest standards in the field. Our ABA therapists are working towards their BCABA certification and supervised by our BCBA Anlaysts.

Sultana Alireza-Zahid

Founder & Chief Executive Director

List of Professionals

Speech Language Pathology Division:

Dr. Nahla A. Dashash, PhD. Com. Dis.,CCC-SLP

Dr. Yaser N. Al Sa'bi, PhD.Com.Dis., CCC-SLP

Mrs. Dania M. Madani, M.A.Com.Dis., CCC-SLP

Mr. Saed M. Jaghoub, M.A.Com. Dis., CCC-SLP

Mrs. Bahaa S. Abduljawad, M.A.Com. Dis., CFY-SLP

Ms. Sara A. Bamaas, B.Sc. Com Dis., Therapist

Audiology and Aural Oral Division

Dr. Malek Safieh, Au.D., CCC-Aud

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Division

Dr. Susan A. Ainsleigh, Ed.D, BCBA-D

Ms. Shumaila Jaffrey, M.Sc.

Ms. Sanaa Ibrahim, B.S. BCaBA

Early Intervention Program (EIP) 

Dr. Nahla A. Dashash. PhD. Com. Dis., CCC-SLP.

Occupational therapy (OT) 

Ms.Mervat Jaser Mustafa

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